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Anime style Wedding E-Card - Tamil Brahmin Wedding

Anime style Wedding E-Card - Tamil Brahmin Wedding

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This E-Card design brings out the fun and trendy vibe of the otherwise traditional Tamil Brahmin wedding.. 

The bride and groom are in their traditional bridal attire yet they have a casual and fun vibe. It brings out the refreshing balance of tradition & modernity in today's wedding culture..

Each invite has content placeholders that will be replaced with your information like name, date, place and timings of the wedding and rituals.

Once you provide us the content, you will receive your E-Card within 24 hours!

Price: Rs. 2,500 /-

Image Details:

Image format : 100 dpi JPEG

Dimensions : 782px W x 1390px (which is perfect for all mobile phone sizes)

If you wish for any other dimensions, we will happily customise it for you!